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3 Options Realty truly stands out as different when compared to any other property management company in Roswell. While the reasons are many, and many of them are listed below, one feature that is particularly noteworthy is our unique, single point of contact business model.

Single Point of Contact:  
One thing that distinguishes our company from just about any other is that our property management company has a single point of contact for all of our property management services. The same agent that lists your property for lease will be the same one that will manage your home. This provides critical continuity in the transition from leasing to managing. Traditional brokers and most property management companies will assign different duties and tasks to different staff members.  In such companies, clients and customers never know who to talk to when trying to address a problem or concern. This can be the source of great frustration and sometimes even anger. Our system virtually guarantees that this won’t happen for you.

Certified Residential Management Company (CRMC):  
3 Options Realty holds the distinction of being one of only four companies in the state of Georgia to earn the coveted CRMC. There are only about 50 of these designations actively held nationwide. This professional designation is offered by the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM), a professional trade organization for residential property managers.    


Roswell property management services that we offer 

Property Management is what we do and we do it better than anyone out there.

Property Management Guarantee: 
We are so confident in our ability to serve at a high level that we comfortably guaranty our service.  In the rare event that our landlords become unhappy with our services, we give them the ability to freely escape from their management agreement. If you are not happy with us, and we can’t fix it, we believe that you should not be tormented by having to continue working with us until the management agreement expires. We only want to work with happy landlords. We want you to be happy!

Eviction Protection Insurance: 
Many of our landlords take advantage of our eviction and abandonment protection program.  For a mere $15 per month they can opt in for this protection. Clients participating in this program save a lot of money in the event of an eviction. We cover the costs of court filing fees, legal fees, door lock changes after the set out, the cost of labor for the set out, and the really big savings is that we do not charge a leasing commission to place a new tenant in the home. This is a tremendous savings because the fee for leasing is equal to one month’s rent.

Early Rent Disbursement:
Georgia law demands that we cannot disburse rental proceeds to landlords until after the deposit has had a reasonable amount of time to clear the bank. This means that landlords receive rent disbursements around the middle of each month. Some landlords want or need the funds earlier.  For a nominal fee, we can accommodate them with our Early Rent Disbursement Program.  We can do this because the company is sufficiently solvent that we can back those deposits with our own money. If a check bounces, we cover that deficiency and our landlords usually never even know it happened.  

Super Efficient Listing Service: 
For years 3 Options Realty has been able to successfully market for landlords. If our clients follow our listing advice, they will get their home leased faster than the market average.  Leasing time for rental homes that we market averages less than ten days. If you want a quick deal, we can do that for you.  

Cloud-based Management System:
Both our Roswell tenants and landlords find doing business with 3 Options Realty to be enjoyable and simple. We offer both tenant and landlord portals where ledgers, statements, work orders and other important administrative documentation can be easy accessed, 24/7. This makes keeping up to date easy, and the references are there forever.   

Free, Expert Pricing Consultation:
You’ve come to the right place if you want help with pricing your rental property. All of our agents have been trained to offer you free, expert advice on pricing rental homes. Each of our agents has been trained to prepare a comparative pricing model that they can share with you to help you understand why the property is worth what we are suggesting.

Negotiating the contract:
We rarely find ourselves having to reduce marketing prices because we know the rental market. Tenants realize quickly that our agents are competent and confident in our pricing. That’s the kind of negotiator you want on your side when it comes to hiring a professional property management company in Roswell. Our agents have been specifically trained to maximize the deal for their clients.  We have found that investors wanting to purchase an investment home in Roswell are wise to use one of our agents because our agents know what the property will rent for. They also know how to get the best possible price on both the purchase and the future lease.  

Home Staging Advice:
Each of our agents has been taught how to advise our landlords on the best way to prepare their home for showing. This critical step in the process can mean the difference in a quick lease and help you achieve top-market dollar.

Qualifying Tenants:
One of the most important services we offer is qualifying tenants.  It’s a bad idea to enter into a lease contract with a tenant prospect that has not been fully qualified. We want to be reasonably assured that renters will pay the rent on time and take good care of the property. Our track record proves that we can do just this. We check credit history, criminal background, residential history and employment/income. We do a thorough job of qualifying tenants.

Records and Reports:
For our landlord clients we provide 90% of the documentation needed to file their income taxes. Each landlord gets monthly statements but they also get a consolidated year-end statement that has most of the information needed to file taxes regarding their investment property. We also furnish each landlord with IRS Form 1099.

Qualifying Vendors for Maintenance Services:
We know a lot about the vendors we hire to service your rental property. Each vendor is required to execute a contractor agreement that defines the roles and responsibilities between our company and theirs. We also require all vendors that we hire to work on your property to provide us with a current general liability insurance certificate. If the company qualifies, we also require a certificate of insurance for workman’s compensation.  

Property Inventory/Inspection: At least every six months, our Roswell landlords are provided with a detailed report on the current condition of the property. You can use this report to track the behavior of your tenants and to forecast budgeting for major repairs.

Maintenance Rebates or Surcharges:
Many professional property management companies have made arrangements with maintenance vendors by which they receive a rebate on the invoice. This usually means that the vendor jacked up the cost of the job to be able to afford the rebate. Some companies actually add a surcharge to the invoice. 3 Options Realty does neither of these. In fact, we have agreements with many vendors that give our landlord clients a significant discount because we are able to offer our vendors a lot of work. They choose to discount our costs as an incentive to keep getting more business. We pass these savings on to our landlord clients, while such arrangements become a profit center for many property management companies here in Roswell.

No Management Fee during Vacancy:
Most property management companies charge a monthly management fee to landlords even when the property is vacant. Our belief is that you should not have to pay us if you are not getting paid.  We want our relationship to be win-win.


Roswell, Georgia Buyers and Sellers Services

Helping people buy homes and sell homes in Roswell, Georgia is what we do and we do it better than anyone out there.

Discounted Sales Commission:
Our Roswell home sellers are able to take advantage of our discounted, sales commission program.  We offer an incremental list of home sales services from which the home sellers can choose. If you want full service in listing you home for sale, we are happy to do that, but we know that some people want the flexibility of listing under a discounted program. Contact us to hear more about this program. You can save thousands of dollars with this special program. 

Buyer Rebates:
Some Roswell homebuyers have the knowledge and skills to do many of the tasks in the home buying process. For those that have these skills we can offer to rebate some of the buying-side sales commission, saving them potentially thousands of dollars in purchasing a home in Roswell.  Contact us if you would like to know more about this unique program.

Free, Expert Pricing Consultation:
You’ve come to the right company if you want help pricing a Roswell home for sale. This is true whether you are buying or selling. Either way, you need to have confidence that the price is favorable to you. All of our agents have been trained to offer you free, expert advice on pricing real estate in Roswell.  Each agent has been trained to prepare a comparative pricing model that they can share with you to help you understand why the property is worth what we are suggesting.

Negotiating the contract:
Pricing consultation is one important reason why buyers and sellers hire a real estate agent, but none of that is any good for you if you do not negotiate a good deal.  An agent trained in negotiating skills and with complete market knowledge is an invaluable tool for your benefit. All of our agents have been specifically trained to maximize the deal for you, their client. We have found that investors wanting to purchase an investment home in Roswell are wise to use one of our agents because our agents know what the property will rent for.  

Home Staging Advice:
Each of our agents has been taught how to advise our Roswell home sellers on the best way to prepare their home for showing. This is one of the most critical steps in the process and it can mean the difference in a quick sale and help you achieve top-market dollar.

Qualifying Buyers: One of the most important services we offer is qualifying buyers. It’s a bad idea to enter into a sales contract with a buyer that has not been pre-qualified. If a buyer cannot get financing and the property gets taken off the market for a month or so waiting to discover this, critical marketing time is lost. Such events could even stigmatize the property, preventing you from getting top market value.  

Super Efficient Listing Service: For years 3 Options Realty has been able to successfully market for home sellers. If our clients follow our listing advice, they will get their home sold faster than the market average. Home selling time varies from sub-community to sub-community in Roswell, but the average for our company is less than thirty days.  


Who are we?

Full Service Brokerage: As a full-service real estate company we can meet most any need of any Roswell home seller, buyer, landlord, or tenant. Traditional brokerages offer only sales, preferring to work only with buyers and sellers. Some of these traditional brokers will also do some leasing work but they don’t want to do property management in Roswell. The few that will do property management in R have a much different management model than what we have at 3 Options Realty. We think ours is superior and we would like to tell you why.

A Boutique Brokerage: 3 Options Realty is a boutique brokerage that has a team of highly trained real estate agents that are experts in sales, leasing, and property management in Roswell. We pride ourselves on being able to meet all possible needs of our Roswell residential landlords, home sellers and home buyers.

For example, if Roswell homeowners wish to sell their home because they are being job transferred out of state, and they are having difficulty doing so because of the market conditions, or because of prohibitive home financing, or because of any other snag, we can offer to lease the property for them and then professionally manage it until the prohibitive condition is overcome. And the important thing to note is that we are not part-timers in the business of managing property in Roswell. We know this business and are fully resourced to competently perform in it.

Insurance Coverage:
3 Options Realty protects your interests with a $1,000,000 general liability insurance policy plus a $1,000,000 professional liability policy. Your liability coverage is bolstered by our company’s policy limits in the event of a lawsuit.

Building Long Term Relationships:
Our aim is to build a relationship with all of our Roswell landlords, home sellers and home buyers.  We want to be your agent for life—to be there for you no matter what real estate services you may later need years down the road. Building relationships is one of our foundational core values. Because your relationship is vitally important to us, we cannot afford to do this badly. By necessity, we are highly motivated to provide the best possible service. 

How can we help you?

Relieving the Stress: 
Self-managing real estate can be very stressful, especially when the tenants become noncompliant or stop paying rent. Our job is to handle these situations, and we do it usually without the landlord ever knowing there was a problem. You have a life to live, and property management is our life. Let us carry the burden for you so you can go on and enjoy living your life worry free from your investments.

Avoiding Lawsuits:
Roswell Landlords are always under the risk of a lawsuit from a disgruntled tenant. We help to prevent lawsuits by setting realistic expectations before entering into any contract or lease. We also have a very comprehensive, proprietary lease that has proven effective in nipping such threats in the bud. We also know that most lawsuits can be prevented if we are willing to keep communications open with people that are unhappy. We can maintain a neutral objectivity because we are in the middle. We have found that most of the time when a tenant is unhappy it is due to mis-understanding. We are skilled in ascertaining just what the misunderstanding is all about. Since we can unemotionally discuss the problem and see both sides, we can usually find a compromise that avoids having to get expensive lawyers involved.


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