Q. How can you help me make more money with my investment property?

A: “A well managed property will return a better investment for the owner.  We will put in well qualified tenants and manage that relationship to ensure that they are happy and want to stay for years, hopefully. Tenant turnover is the biggest cost to owning an investment property.  We will also help you achieve the highest rents that the market will allow.”  Terri Clair, Managing Broker and Principal

“Owning an investment property can be costly if a landlord is inexperienced.  Using my own experience as an example, I began investing back in 1997.  I thought I was ready for it then, but I was not.  I got lucky though and made it through, but only because I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the profession.  I remain an investor today and I have learned how to maximize my investments.  The same systems I developed and learned to use for my own personal assets we use for our landlord clients.”  Dan Wilhelm, Executive Broker and Principal