Woodstock, Georgia is a great place to own real estate and especially attractive for investors. We have been professionally managing houses in Woodstock Georgia since the inception of the company. I have been managing homes in Woodstock since around 1997. So I feel qualified to talk about that marketplace. First let’s take a quick look at a demographic profile of Woodstock, Georgia. 


Lake Lanier, a 39,000 acre man-made reservoir, situated at the southern foothills of the Georgia Blue Ridge Mountains was built in 1956 with construction of the Buford Dam.  The lake services 8 million recreational visitors each year offering 10 marinas and 10,600 docks.  It once served as the sporting venue for kayaking and canoeing in the 1996 Olympics that were held here in Atlanta.


With a population of nearly 190,000, Cumming, Georgia is one of the largest cities in the state.  It is a fairly affluent community with average family incomes ranging at around $103,000 per year.  The city is positioned on the south western edge of Lake Lanier, the largest inland body of water in North America next only to the Great Lakes.  


I am often asked if investing in homes in Marietta, Georgia is a good idea.  That’s a hard question to answer in some respects, because the question is just very broad in scope.  While it is true that we do a lot of property management in Marietta, Georgia, to the uninitiated such a comment might be deceptive.


Most landlords understand the necessity of the property inventory (documentation of the condition of the property at a given time).  But maybe some don’t really understand the true essence of it.  


If you have an investment property in Marietta, Georgia or the surrounding communities, and you would like to have it professionally managed, you should consider our services because: 


I have lived, played, and worked as a licensed real estate agent in Marietta, Georgia for more than 21 years. I believe This qualifies me to write about the real estate market as well as property management in this city. It is also useful to know that I began investing in Marietta rental homes in 2000, a few years after I had begun professionally managing rental homes in Marietta for other people too.

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How should a residential property manager handle it when a tenant reports a recurring maintenance problem?  Do you bring back the same vendor or look for another?


If you have a rental property in Roswell, Georgia and you would like to have it managed by a professional property management company, why should you consider our services?

- We listen to you.
- We hear you.
- And we work for you.

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Today you should thank a police officer.  Of course for their bravery but also for their use of unique personalities and talents to assure your children live in a world where they can go to the movies by themselves, your spouse can’t beat you, and an angry mob isn’t allowed to hang a person.