Extent of a Landlord’s Responsibility

on 01 July 2016

What can a landlord do when the tenant complains about a neighborhood menace?

In an apartment complex, management would probably step in and solicit the troublesome resident, assuming that the pest is on the apartment property, and especially if known to be a resident there—but what about landlords of single family properties? In such cases, the landlord is not so authoritative.

What the landlord can do, sort of depends upon the nature of the bother. For example, if it is a simple nuisance, such as next door teenagers that lets their radio rip when mom and dad are way, the tenant could probably be imposed upon to handle it on their own. At worst case, the landlord could visit the neighbor and appeal to mom and dad for understanding.

But if the menace is repetitive, even after soliciting the neighbor and asking their indulgence, or if it is a potentially threatening concern, calling the police is always an option.  Reporting any suspicious activity is a smart idea. The police are trained to deal with domestic discord, and in the event that there is real reason to be concerned, it is a good idea to have had the situation officially documented. Bottom line, don’t be afraid to call the police, if the problem is not something they are willing to handle, they will let you know, and if they won’t handle it, they might even have some suggestions about what other recourse you may have.  

Daniel R. Wilhelm
Master Property Manager
3 Options Realty, CRMC

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